About the Author

“Honestly, I terribly enjoy to blog, I feel a great need to write. As a child I wrote constantly and through high school and college I lost touch with it, other then my constant journalling.

When I discovered blogging I rediscovered a great joy of mine! I feel like I get my own brain space when I escape motherly duties long enough to type away.

Sometimes I find a picture like the one posted here and want terribly to tell you something related to it. Often the story or interesting connection comes and other times I am left sitting and contemplating what to write for lengths of time… either way I love the game…. the playful mind game that is writing, grabbing the lightning fast thoughts and pining them down with pen to paper or finger tips to keys.” (Taken from a blog written in November of 2010)

I write with my children in mind, first and foremost.  Hoping one day they will be interested in getting to know me more.  Wanting to put things down that they should hear once I am long gone.  Desiring to sharing myself with them and to show honesty.  So, for more then anyone, this blog is for the four little people who call me Mama… beyond being for my own pleasure.

(Us! My first and last beau!)


Always Lady Mac an Rothaich