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Psalm 74:12-17

“Yet God my King is from of old working salvation in the earth.
You divided the sea by your might;

you broke the heads of the dragons in the waters.
You crushed the heads of Leviathan;

you gave him as food for the creatures of the wilderness.
You cut openings for springs and torrents;
you dried up ever flowing streams.

Yours is the day, yours also the night; you established the luminaries and the sun. You have fixed all the bounds of the earth; you made summer and winter.”

Psalm 74:12-17

I had to share this with you! So poetic and beautiful!

Are there any dragons and leviathans in your life? God can turn them into dog food! GIVE IT TO HIM!

The final section about luminaries, the bounds of the earth and the seasons SO BEAUTIFUL!

May Christ bless you this day with freedom and eyes to see beauty!


B.F.F. Cook Books!

If you find the right cook book it can complete you (wink). I have a few old faithfuls, warn and stained but so loved! Amongst this respected collection is a work put together by the woman’s ministry team at my old church in Waldheim, and another is from Grandma Hicks, made by an organization she was part of. I adore my ‘Meno‘ books; one was sold at Ten Thousand Villages years ago and is called ‘More With Less’, the second was my Grandma Smith’s and it is called ‘Food that Really Schmecks‘. Company’s Coming series is always great too! I have many prettier books but these ones have proven themselves above and beyond!

Today I was blessed by a package in the mail box! I love receiving packages, especially surprise ones! Inside was a lovely copy of ‘Deceptively Delicious’ from my sister Casey. I had been eyeing up this lovely book for a while now but kept putting off buying it, so I was thrilled to receive a copy. The concept is simple, mix in surprise elements to your cooking that make the meal delicious but very healthy! With Baby Boys anti-veggie-super-powered-tongue in full gear of late I have become very sneaky already… grating carrots into tomato sauce or meat loaf, even gone as far as adding pureed veggie soups to his smoothies! However, I am always in need of more ideas so I am excited to crack open this book and learn some new tricks! It is like welcoming a new friend into my home. If it proves faithful the book can remain on the self of respect along with my other ‘bff‘ cook books

THANK YOU so very much dearest CASEY! I appreciate your thoughtfulness so very much!


I Am From!

For E-Mom… This is the best I could do, thought about it for a few days and when you commented today I thought I should just put it up…

I am from cheese cloth, from co-op freshie and early’s seeds.

I am from the forest; a sleepy, weedy creek meandering towards my future.

I am from the bed rock, the wild pink rose.

I am from evening family Bible studies, days full of milking goats, chopping wood, harvesting corn and fire-y tempers;

From Robin and Katherine and Nanny.

I am from big talkers, and bigger singing voices!

From ‘you alone decide you will be happy’ and ‘family must work and play together’.

I am from Holy Ghost filled folk, revival tent meetings and Bible thump’n, Jesus lov’n parents!

I’m from the great white north, Scottish pride, Irish wit, Welsh respect and a little English that they will not admit, shortbread like grandma always made it and pans of venison lasagna from my mom’s heart to our stomachs shined at every occasion, especially my wedding!

From the grandmother who was the first in town to wear pants and the mother who traded in her high heals and comfy bank job for the army. Grandmother was a feminine tomboy and down right practical. Her garden boots just went better with pants! Mother had a lot to prove due to her small size and reputation as a girly-girl, no one would dare call either that now!

I am from Grandma Smith’s quilt on my couch, Her earrings in my jewelry box, Mom’s red dress coat in my closet and anything else that speaks to me of the strong women in my line. They speak, reminding me to be as brave and determined as my grandmother, as open and true as my mom and as beautiful in spirit as my daughters.



My world has been completely smothered in snow.
Out in to this chilled white world I go,
I go to shovel the walk with nothing but my thoughts
To find those long forsaken spots
In my head, in my heart, finding warmth amidst the cold,
Surrender time to my Savior, love and passion so bold,

Bold as my white world smothered in snow.


Heart Breaking

Ever tried really really hard to get someones attention,
because you love them so much,
only to be turned away no matter what you try?

Heart breaking…

In my experience,
you flounder around with all kinds of emotions,
but when it hits you that you really can’t win
you loose your breath
and your eyes fill with fire-y tears
and your gut feels like it will burst open…

I wonder right now,
how often my Lord Jesus Christ has felt treated that way
… … by me?


I am from cheese cloth, from co-op freshie and earlys seeds.

I am from the bush farm and a weedy creek meadering toward my future.

I am from the bed rock, the wild pink rose.

I am from evening familly Bible studies and fire-y cut throat anger, from Robin and Katherine and Nanny.

I am from pumping water every week
and climbing trees to relax.

From you decide when your happy and Jesus is all you need.

I am from Holy Ghost filled folk, Revival tent meetings, and daily singing worship songs together.

I’m from _______ (place of birth and family ancestry), _______ (two food items representing your family).

From the _______ (specific family story about a specific person and detail), the _______ (another detail), and the _______ (another detail about another family member).

I am from _______ (location of family pictures, mementos, archives and several more lines indicating their worth).


Yesterday my mother in law dropped off two batches of these beauties! Made, with love, for my Big Girl! Just in time for her first sleep over party. She and her guest enjoyed them immensely! This love act for my daughter was greatly appreciated and I considered it an act of love towards me as well! THANKS GRAMS!


Snowed In! FINALLY!

(Our house looked so romantic tonight!)

Winter is here… again! This time with LOTSA snow! The kids and I are thrilled! It meant we couldn’t go out today but I think it will be worth it! We will get exercise pushing the walk tomorrow and the sled hill might finally be good and covered in snow!

Here is the view out our front window! Not only did the snow plaster itself all over the siding of the house but the windows where covered with sticky snow too!

Can you believe this odd mound on our front step railing? I had to take a picture! It is so funny how it would build up in the corner of the railing!
The kids couldn’t stop ooohing and aaaahing! Here are the youngest trying to find Daddy out there in the snow!

(Same picture as above but with the flash on, can’t decide which I like best!)
(Our snow-y front step, so pretty!)


Contentment; A Train Of Thought Sprung From A Visit

(Nanny and Papa, at the beach with all of the kids and grand-kids, this past summer!)

My folks where in town the last two days. A pretty quick trip, kind of an unexpected trip, due to some appointments they had in my city. I will take what ever I can get where visits with them are concerned. Living so far away from them is a constant prick at my heart. I adore my mom and dad!

I think everyone has things in their life that where not what they planned and perhaps where exactly what they where determined wouldn’t happen but LIFE HAPPENS. The grass is always greener in our unfulfilled dreams! We have to realise we romanticize our dreams, or I wanted to’s, and then because of that can fall into brooding in an unfairly harsh way about our present situation. Every time, step, stage, in life has its good things and its negatives. Likewise, every dream we have will have great things and hard things. Whether we get our way or not we will face good and bad and must find a way to be content.

Contented — gratified, pleased, happy.

1TIMOTHY 6:6 “But godliness with contentment is great gain”

I try hard to enjoy every stage I am in in my life. Many of the treasures it had will not be found in next and new stages and I will miss them, especially if I took them for granted! I love to move on in life with a heart full of memories, because I embraced the last step on the road of life and enjoyed it, with this load of happy memories there is no room for regrets!


Switchfoot and Paper Tongues

(Garnet and I out for supper with friends before the SWITCHFOOT concert.)

Garnet and I have been on two dates within one week! This was a very good thing for us. In a way we kind of needed two dates close together to get back into spending time together away from the kids. We don’t date a lot… haven’t dated a lot. It isn’t that we don’t value it, we understand it is very important, it just wasn’t an option as much in the past. Well things have changed. We have pals we can babysit for and in turn they will do the same, free, for us and it works out lovely. The first date night was big emotionally. I felt a lot of pressure because I figured it would be so long till the next. I wanted to look my best and have a good time… in the end we took the pressure off, went out and just visited. With a note pad and pen in hand we sat down and talked about our coming year… things we would like to do and what we hope for. It was refreshing and easy to do cuz I am so comfortable with my man!
The second date I was more comfortable and we just had a blast! I was so excited, it is the first time in I don’t know how long that we have gone out as a couple with friends! We met my older brother and his wife and some long time friends of ours at a restaurant and then walked across campus to the concert.
Paper Tongues is a new band to me, they opened and where so charismatic and fun! I have been listening to their ep stuff all day and can hardly wait to get their first album.

Switchfoot is emotional rock. I have been a long time fan and was thrilled to hear their high quality new stuff and the old stuff that I can sing along to. It was cool to hear them talk about real issues in the world, like what is going on in Haiti. I used to be more cynical about when bands would try to get deep, but why can’t they? Most artists are far beyond us regular folk in there ability to see the world in a deep and truthful way so they are just the people to use the attention we give them for worthy causes. Let people share what they need to say! We all have times when we would appreciate just that, to be respectfully heard by others.

(Us ladies, enjoying the show!)

There was one particular song that got me teared up, it had a message on how what you are feeling isn’t love unless its breaking you… The last few days I have been really tuning in to words and thoughts on love. We are hoping to have a re-dedication ceremony this coming spring, for our tenth wedding anniversary. We plan to share some new vows with one another and writing our own has me nervous. We didn’t write anything the first time and this time we know one another so well that I feel like I need to really do my man justice…

Garnet gave me a pep talk about it and when I realise he’s on board with me I felt like perhaps I could give this whole writing some words about our love thing a go…, even though he isn’t a big romantic he is willing to do this…’romantic notions are more your gift my dear’ he shared…

Most of our marriage, to date, has been so tied up in KIDS that I often feel like love is very very ordinary and practical and simply as romantic as is possible to get in the tiny moments in between changing diapers and cleaning up the house AGAIN. BUT I have hope as this new stage of life begins… hope that in spite of all the wonderful things about the baby years I will morn, Garnet and I will see clearly again all the beautiful and romantic things about our love… good by sleep deprived chapter of life… hello HUSBAND!

(Switchfoot says goodnight!)