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Riddick’s Blood Pressure

They insist that contact between dog and owner is healthy for both.  Now I love my fox terrier but I feel like we are both just too up tight to really be lowering one another’s blood pressure.

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Napping in the Park

If I could bottle such days and replay them when ever and where ever I please I would bottle last Saturday.  Pyjama day till noon, an enthusiastic trip to the library (proof I have a house full of lit lovers), toboggan rides in a warm sun on a slick hill and then the icing on the cake… a nap in the park!

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Everyone likes to be rewarded.   My youngest and I found these delicate desserts after a morning of much running around.  They appeared to be the perfect reward for the two of us, after all we had both been on our best behaviour this grocery day.

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Walk With Me

There is nothing like depression to make you feel alone.  Alone is a terrible feeling… it is painful… and ultimately a terrible lie. Continue reading →