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Give to Your Children

Was chatting with a friend about how one can work at showing our children the relationship we have with Christ and not just the traditions.  We where talking about how you have to just start, start doing and talking about all things spiritual with your kids before it will become less mystical, less difficult.

It had me thinking of the harm MAKING our kids read the Bible can be.  Why not GIVE them the scriptures instead?  Encourage them to make it there own instead of making them take on something that is ours.

Finding time to let Christ lead us to verses meant for our children specifically and then gifting it to them, teaching them how they can look it up for themselves to read through themselves;  it all helps make a memory for our kids, a loving memory, instead of just another chore.
God bless and ENJOY giving to your kids!


I Think I’m In Love (Still)

This man knows me well and the regular dinner and a movie date is not for me.  We got some time off last Saturday and decided to go with an afternoon date so we would get home in time to snuggle up, after the kids where in bed, and watch an episode of our favorite show together.  I would take an hour on the couch watching our show together over two hours in a movie theater any day. 

Talking is largely what our dates are all about, uninterrupted talk time!  No censoring it for little eager ears who don’t need to know everything yet and no being interrupted by chatty little attention hogs.  The eager ears and attention hogs happen to be the same four kids. 

Our date consisted of going to a tea shop and picking out some new flavors (we are both big tea drinkers).  This took plenty of time, pomp and ceremony really, and we really cherish having enough time to fuss at a fuss kinda shop.  He does the smelling (since I can’t) and I do the reading and humming over the styles of tea.  We walked up and down the mall after that just to talk and hold hands. 

We drove across the city so we could continue our conversation and then he took me out to WOK BOX.  I just can’t move past this simple little chain restaurant, there is so much to like about it.  Fast, fresh, noodles and loads of veggies.  Mostly I can’t get over their sauces and tofu!  It ain’t fancy but he knows it makes me smile.  We laughed and teased and sucked up our noodles like a couple of teenagers.

(There’s my man!  Taken last summer.)

When it was time to go home he let me drop him off and take our sitter, my sister, out to a movie!  Ha ha ha, this may sound like a rip off to some or very unromantic to others but he knows I need away time, girl friend time and me time and that took years to teach him.  He knows I will be home around ten, just in time for tea and our show.  He knows he makes me so darn happy because we aren’t overly clingy with our time and yet totally into one another still.

He is such a prize!


Nya and Yellow Whisker

 The kids where hanging off of the railings at the fish pond (in Market Mall) once again. Garnet and I where waiting. Myself more patiently then him. The kids can stair at the koi forever! I mentioned perhaps we should get a coffee and just let them stair while we talk.

Somehow we started talking about getting fish. I have never really been into this type of pet, mostly because they lack a lot of actual pet like advantaged… like touch and affection. Well Garnet dared me to get set up with fish for under 20 dollars because I had said it would have to be kept simple, no big tank, no more then two fish, no adding to it later. Well I marched into Zellers with his bet on my mind. Got a tank with the gravel, plant, food and conditioner for 11 dollars. Marched over to a pet shop and got two fish for 60 cents a piece. Done, only about 12 bucks!

For less money then a lot of their barely enjoyed toys cost we had a new pet. The kids where ecstatic. I don’t think having their own fish had ever entered their minds before. The whole affair took up most of the day and that was intentional. We had no plans (something rare on a weekend) and so this was turned into a grand family adventure.

After we picked the fish up we went home to choose names. Everyone, even our three year old, have very very strong opinions on a name for each fish. So we decided to draw the names out of a hat. My eldest’s warrior cat name ‘Yellow Whisker’ and then my oldest boy’s Lego Ninja name ‘Nya’ won. I was very disappointed that my suggestions ‘Jane Eyre’ or ‘Eeyore’ didn’t make it. Garnet was clever and picked spaghetti as a name and I thought meat ball would be perfect for the other in that case. No one but me liked ‘tweedle dee and tweedle dum’. My five year old daughter was heart broken that her names ‘cute and cutie’ didn’t get picked so she is refusing to stop calling them by her names. The youngest, our three year old, picked Bob the Builder and Diego… I am sure we all know where he got those ideas…

My olds daughter was sure everyone would be coming over JUST to meet our new fish. The littlest two spend a lot of time staring at them and talking about how CUTE they are. My biggest boy is hoping to teach Nya (the bigger of the two) how to do kungfu or spin-gitzu.

For now I am in charge of feeding them and we are all learning to not torment them. It they want to shake or touch something go find the dog. Eventually we hope to have the big kids feeding them too.

I am in no rush though. I find it very relaxing to feed them and watch them do their thing. Bonus is how smashing their pretty purple bowl looks in my sitting room.

Here is to new pets!

P.S. I want to put in writing though, that I draw the line at birds and rodents. I have a lot of reasons if you would like to know.


-45 Confirms Our Weird Fall is Gone


Well, our prolonged fall is gone.  It was historical in its oddness and I feel also in its end.  One day we are in the plus and the next we are in the -30s, and lower, with a few feet of heavy snow!  I spent three and a half hours clearing our walk ways.  We have a nasty big driveway (note to self, next house must have short driveway).

Yesterday the school bus didn’t make it, -40 will do that to a school bus.  This morning the thermometer read -45 so I hollered at my man to not get the kids up and rolled back under the covers.  SNOW DAY!  No bus, no school, no schedule!

(Introducing ‘Yellow Whisker’ and ‘Nya’)

I mozied out of bed at 10 and had a deliciously slow breakfast.  Made coffee to go with my Greek yogurt and homemade bread with jam.  Poured the remainder of the coffee over a roast, slow cooker supper.  Mixed up my weekly bread batch and finally got dressed around one.  The kids found a variety of games and insanity to entertain themselves as I puttered. Kitchen got clean and toys put away.

Lunch for the fish was followed by lunch for the crew.  Popcorn, hot chocolate, carrots and cake on the menu, a menu that at least contributed to the lack of a single complainer in the bunch (please note, fish DID get fish food)!

Riddick is in full winter rebellion gear again.  He looks at me like I am joking when I encourage him to go out for a run about and a wizz.  “Come on boy, you can’t cross your legs for ever,” I insist as I give him a gentle boot out.  Once back in doors we got the broom out and played broom ball dog style.  I run around with the broom and he tries to catch and destroy it.  After he was warn out the floor got washed and soon doggy gets a bath too.

So what kind of a post is this?  Well this is an itinerary to a mozie day.  I know you regulars are wondering where the long romantic descriptions of tea drinking and snuggle up time with chocolate are… no worries done that a few times today.

Excuse me while I continue to seize the day and take a nap.


Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus || Spoken Word

I am pumped to see such a clear portrayal of the gospel became viral so fast!

He clearly said he LOVES the BIBLE and CHURCH so relax and focus on the important thing, the message of the video.

You may define religion in a good light but refrain from fighting over mere words! Paul had good reason to warn us to avoid such arguments in the scripture. Drop the need to have your definition of religion the RIGHT definition and look to the message of his video, it is BANG ON!


MARRIAGE MONDAY Reboot if you will :)

(My eldest three and I performing for a non-family audience for the first time.)

After a holiday break we are all meeting up once again, thanks to our host at . We where requested to do up this little fill in the blank style post to help reacquaint ourselves.
I am….. better then my human potential.
I want….. too much for myself.
I have….. more then I deserve.
I wish….. I had more time to perfect hobbies and talents.
I hate….. migraines (they are new to me and not welcome).
I miss….. the northern forests I was raised in.
I fear….. phobias… they are a more physical fear as you often don’t realise you have them till put in the situation where your body really shuts down.  Being underground is that for me…fainted a few times before realising I was even afraid in such a circumstance.
I feel….. disappointed in my health.
I hear….. music almost all the time, I am either listening to it or making it.
I smell….. very little since I was born without this sense.
I crave….. chocolate
I search….. for little moments in time that are often over looked.
I wonder….. at God and all his mystery.
I regret….. time spent regretting instead of learning from mistakes.
I love….. Garnet.
I ache….. when I see painful things my kids must go through, especially when I can identify with them.
I care….. too deeply about what others think when they aren’t being clear about it… must stop reading between the lines.
I always….. enjoy tea and a good book.
I am not….. good at forgetting.
I believe….. in truth.
I dance….. often with the kids, not well, but I can’t help moving!
I sing….. with my eldest three in public. Singing I have done since I was small but it is made anew in sharing it with my kids!
I cry….. easily
I don’t always….. pray and think first.
I fight….. more appropriately, thanks to my husbands ‘good form’ (behavior that conforms to social conventions of the time; “it is not good form to brag about winning”) in this regard.
I write….. often but rarely with paper and pen any more.
I never…. get it all right.
I listen….. better but need to practice growth in this area.
I need….. Jesus
I am happy….. based on happenstance thus I trust more in the JOY my saviour provides.

He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the LORD. (Prov 18:22 NASB)

First Monday of every month at Chrysalis


So I Read It Too

(Snapped this treasure of a photo a couple winters ago.  This is my fourth born, copying his big sister.)

My mom was (and still is) a good mom, so I don’t mind stealing things I remember her doing.  Reading what literature my kids are supposed to be reading, or bringing home to read willingly, not only came from her inspiration but most definitely it comes easily to me due to my being a library technologist.

When my older two got into reading as a hobby, a few years back, I started reading along with them.  They would bring library books home from school and I would rub my hands together with anticipation and think ‘oh so what did we get this time’. 

More and more I am impressed with their choices.  I wonder if they have caught on, or noticed, that I will run to the computer to do research on authors and books I am unfamiliar with, that I am thrilled when I notice they have brought home classics or award winning books, that I will make them send back dribble; that basically I am big into books.

I know they catch me devouring their books after they have gone to bed for the night.  I have actually pried a book out of my eldest’s hands once she had fallen to sleep, and turned her room upside down to find it the next night so I could finish.  She knew… she wasn’t so impressed with the idea of me finishing her ‘biggest chapter book yet’ before her.  My daughter especially really really gets into books so I feel fully with in my right to check out what she is soaking in… I also just simple adore reading.

When I am reading their book choice, at the same time as they are, I get so much energy out of talking about the book with them.  I am jumping in to a new world with them!  Whether they like it or not this Mama is cannon balling it, I know I am not subtle.  “Mom, not another book talk!”  Oh yes, I like to refer them to other literature that is similar to their current reads, and to discuss reaching out to try new genres.  I feed off of questions they have about their book, or books in general.  I AM THAT MOM who reads to them at night and acts it out, voices and all… by all I mean when the owl got knocked out by the bat throwing a large icicle upon his head, ending a magnificently tense scene, in tonight’s bed time chapter, I fell on the floor to demonstrate.

Well it sure hasn’t deterred them from reading, quite the opposite.  They seem to really enjoy that we have this comradery.  Can I just add how amazing it feels to be sitting on the couch in the evening reading with my oldest daughter and oldest son on either side reading too?  Three little heads bowed, noses buried in books… I have waited for moments like this!  My kids make reading more fun for me and that says a lot since it has always been a joy of mine.


Wink Wink,Carrot Cake (Recipe Request)

For those of you who have smiled nicely but not been willing to try making my ‘healthier’ dishes and dessert, please give this amazingly fluffy, spicy, caramel-y cake a try.  Brave doing it THE SAME way I made it! Change the veggie or the sugar and I can’t guarantee the same results.


1 3/4 cups Organic Palm Sugar
1 1/2 cups Unbleached Flour
1/2 cup Chick Pea Flour
2 tsps Baking Soda
2 tsps Organic Cinnamon (ground)
A good pinch of salt

Mix these first items in a big bowl and set aside.

2 tsps Vanilla (I don’t use the extract)
1 1/4 cup Grape Seed Oil
4 Eggs
3 cups grated YAM

Cream together the wet items then add to the dry and mix well.
Put in a 9×13 inch greased pan and bake at 350 degrees for about 40 minutes.

Eat hot as is or ice once cooled.  We don’t have a solution for icing being low glycemic for my husband so we eat it warm.  Due to the palm sugar it is very low glycemic and the extra protein of the chick pea really helps balance your blood sugars too.  Yam is supposed to be one of the best veggies for vitamins and minerals so I try to sneak it into my kids diets where ever I can.  Surprisingly easy because of its natural sweet taste.

Post any questions you have:)


And WE Made Cookies!

Two things I have said that I retract… as of today…

ONE, I don’t make cookies and TWO, guess you have to be a chef or a baker and I am no baker anymore.  It is amazing what more time can do for a mom’s self esteem!  With HAVING to make our bread every week I couldn’t help but retain that skill, but with Garnet diagnosed with hypoglycemia I let my baking skills mostly slide.  Especially where cookies where concerned as I always found them such a struggle, so time consuming and so often a failure of mine.

With Garnet’s shoulders both damaged due to two different accidents of late I have been home bound while I let him use our only vehicle more often.  Before his shoulder issues he was commuting by bike YEAR ROUND.  This means I am feeling more domestic as I have no choice but to put off all the run around stuff I have been expected to do since moving to the city, and I am lov’n it!

With more time on my hands I decided we needed cookies.  My little man, who is three now, and I have the mornings alone together and we needed the together project as well as the treats that result from cookie making.  It all became necessary after yesterdays trips to two grocery stores.  He loves grocery trips, even asking when we don’t need to if I will take him anyway.  He loves grocery trips because I figured out what other mom’s apparently knew for years… the baker will let you child have a free cookie!  So he got a gigantic ginger snap from Superstore and a fat chocolate chip from Safeway.  I got a happy little man and a kick out of his deep deep pleasure in cookie eating.  I recalled how much I adored them as a child, pretty much all of us did right?!  I remembered how AMAZING my mothers home made chocolate chip cookies where… we needed home made cookies around here again!  And that!  That would be up to ME!!

Once home I also remembered how badly every single batch of my mom’s famous cookies turned out when I made them… doubt set in… uncertainty… apprehension… but my craving and my boys chocolate smeared smile pushed me through the haze of horrible memory flash backs and I GOT OUT MY BOWL TODAY!  Yes the cookie batter mixing bowl, and the spatula, and the ingredients!  I then called my mom for help and let her walk me through my rough spots over the phone

When I poured in the chocolate chips my boy cheered ‘You put in chocolate!  You are so good mommy’!  When I let him mix he exclaimed, ‘We do dis together Mama, US make cookies.  Iz you and me’!  And my heart glowed.

My tummy glowed too, as I munched down my first… well two first cookies.  My three year old got SOOOO quiet when I set two cookies and a glass of milk before him.  Ironically that spoke deeper then all his adorable praises as we prepared the cookies.

Today was a big day… today we made cookies!

P.S. Oops… burnt tongue…I never ever seem to remember to not put the stray chocolate chips straight into my mouth after removing hot cookies from the pan.  HOT CHOCOLATE!


Doing More Because I Can Now

(I can nap, or sip tea in silence knowing I have earned it!)

Now that my kids are older I can:
make all our bread,
re-educate myself in the area of dessert baking,
make all our house cleaning products,
make our laundry detergent,
plant and harvest from our mini indoor greens garden (health idea and fresh food all through the winter),
shop for groceries like a deal finding magnet (cosco once a month, super store once a month, safeway weekly, health food stores, farmers markets, bulk barn, organic honey dealer),
multiple bank runs,
skate twice a week with my oldest boy,
toboggan at least once a week (if it ever snows this year)
jog each morning,
get away with insomnia because I no longer have sleep deprivation due to babies or toddlers,
own a dog and not find him to much in the mix,
NOT to mention all the hobbies I will pick up again and all the new ones I will learn…
blog ridiculously silly posts full of seriously long run on sentences!

Of course getting my thyroid meds balanced has a lot to do with my ability to do all this too.

I am thankful:)