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Two Years

Two years ago my baby boy was two.  He spent much of his time pretending to be a dog.   So we got him a four legged friend; a purebred retired show dog named Riddick.  Riddick, the smooth fox terrier, was named after a Vin Diesel movie character, and he had plenty of character himself.   He needed a home and we needed a dog to adopt.

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Church Kitchens and Community

Church kitchens are so much larger then the average at home kitchen.  I couldn’t figure out where most things were and I had this awful feeling that I  would be of no use to them.  THEY were ladies from my church, part of the Women’s Ministry Team, who had obviously been in this kitchen many times before, working together.  Their cheerful and contagious banter soon eased my nerves.  Belly laughs and warm smiles were everywhere around me as they busied themselves with the brunch preparations.  I adored being welcomed in to their group, such servants hearts and such amazing ladies!

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Alone At The Decline Of Day

As I put the kids to bed, alone this evening, the anticipation bloomed within.  I had big beautiful plans to read, tea it up and perhaps even watch some TV of my own choosing.    I could work on my guitar playing, pick out a new song to learn the vocals to.  I could bake uninterrupted or simply dance to music while I catch up on chores (chores that are so much more fun with music blaring).  Perhaps this all could put me in the introverted category, or is a sign I might finally be growing up… or growing older… I prefer to see this contentment with nights alone as a sign that things are more balanced in my world of ‘mommy’.

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I sought the Lord, and he answered me;
    he delivered me from all my fears.
Those who look to him are radiant;
    their faces are never covered with shame.

~Psalms 34 4&5~

Deliverance from our fears has become something totally different to me in my adult years.  As a child, I had the hope that it meant all to be feared would vanish…  now, I see it as not being removed from all my troubles but having the fear vanquished, in spite of my circumstance.  When we live in Christ he gives us his fearless Spirit, a Spirit of sound mind, love and his power; all we need to stand peacefully amidst what was previously our terrors.

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