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Bed Time is A Crisis

It was well past his bedtime, so late Mom was ready to crawl into her own bed for the night.  Unlike the stubborn little guy pouting in the hall Mom was more then ready for this time of the day.  All the main floor lights were shut down and she was determined to get that frustrating littlest man into bed then find her own before she fell asleep on her feet.  She walked up stairs intentionally stomping to give him a serious hint about how serious she was about him returning to his bed. Continue reading →

Studies & Bike Abouts

Sometimes I open my text book and I panic.  The thought bursts into my mind that I AM TOO OLD TO LEARN… to be more accurate, the thought is more complex and more like I HAVE BEEN A MOM FOR 13 YEARS AND HAVEN’T HAD TO STUDY IN THE TRADITIONAL SENSE AND MIGHT NOT KNOW HOW TO DO THIS ANY MORE!  I am sure many parent’s (at home full time and not) have thought parenthood has shrunken or (my personal favourite descriptive) melted ones brain!  Or perhaps it is just me (insert d’oh and frowny face here).  Mom is gonna carry on though… set an example for the kids… and all that such stuff… but first I close the text book after I have panicked and go for a bike ride. Continue reading →

Extrovert In Me?

Can being less busy actually make you more extroverted?  Can being bombarded with busyness make one an introvert?  Moving has been a literal step back for me.  Settling meant all the stuff keeping me busy before has had to take a back seat. Moving away from the city means all the ways city life is good at keeping one busy is now optional for me.  I don’t have to face it day after day and I can be more myself without fighting to be myself.  I am happily in no hurry to take up the rush again, to join the flow of DOING and GOING.  I am totally okay with being ordinary and with my kids just slowly frittering away the summer. I am a townie and living in a town has made me feel more like ME again! Continue reading →

The Grumpy Family and Loving Us All Through It!

Who knew being excited and happy could be so exhausting?!  After living here for a little over three months I realise we have a lot more adjusting to go through and although we are so thrilled to have moved we are also strained by it. Continue reading →