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It is a pick your own topic month. Anything relating to marriage and Christ I suppose.

is a favorite song of mine.
When it gets tough I often reflect on her words of wisdom.

“Loving a person just the way they are, its no small thing, its the whole thing.

Often spouses are opposites… my man and I are, personality wise, very much opposites. I think one of the greatest things Garnet does for me is he loves me in spite of how hard my personality can make that. I hope and pray I do the same for him:)

True romance…

I am a stormy emotional personality. I prefer to get angry over getting sad, it is my protective wall if I am feeling sorrow or pain… I act like a prickly pear when I need a hug the most… He doesn’t understand this but as we continue to get to know one another better he doesn’t let it get to him as much and reaches out to me in spite of myself. I am so thankful for his ability to yank me away from depression because there are things about myself that I used to fear, sometimes momentarily still do, and he (through Christ that strengthens him) doesn’t fear them.

We talked for hours when dating and still do when the kids give us the chance. Our personalities could really limit our growth as a couple because we see things and do things so differently but I thank the Lord that he has blessed us with the patience to talk it out. We deliberately try to learn how one another works and thinks and I believe the Lord gives us more insight then we would have on our own, in times of trying and need.

My Mom told me at a young age that you can’t spend your life trying to change a man, specifically your man because only God can do that. I am thankful for the grace and patience that the Lord can give a marriage so that two conflicting personalities can connect and love and respect one another for their differences.

Perfect example in closing… my husband smirks and laughs when he is nervous… this used to make me so upset and hurt when young because I would be upset about something and he would giggle. Now I usually can’t help but smirk too, knowing he reacts this way because he does understand I am upset, this is just how he handles it. I can tell you from experience, just getting more angry doesn’t make the smirking and snickering go away once it has started…

Pray that the Lord will give you and your man HIS eyes for one another so you can love your husband just the way he is and he can do the same for you:) Thank the Lord that he knows you and your spouses faults and is more then able to deal with these faults and shortcomings and can change them for the better!

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14 Comments on "Marriage Monday"

  1. April says:

    Love it! It sounds like you and your husband are a good match!

  2. Denise says:

    Fantastic post.

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  4. Oh how sweet! Marriage really is about learning to accept all of a person. I’m so thankful my husband does that for me.

    Thanks for coming by to visit me today. Hope your week is off to a great start!

  5. Vernz says:

    First, thanks for dropping by my blog, I appreciate very much!

    Second about your post, true, each human being is endowed with unique being and if you really have to find those that fit your standard that is where problems set-in and that is where your quote at the first part also will come to operate … love your post … Have a nice day!

  6. e-Mom says:

    Hip hip hooray! You have a wise Mom: “My Mom told me at a young age that you can’t spend your life trying to change a man, specifically your man because only God can do that.”

    My husband makes jokes when he’s uncomfortable… like your DH’s smirks and giggles. Blows off steam, and lightens the situation, doesn’t it?

    Sounds like you two are very well matched–a good complement to one another.

    Thanks for joining us for Marriage Monday today, Mac an Rothaich!

    (((Hugs))) e-Mom

  7. Joyfull says:

    I enjoyed reading about how only God can take opposite personalities and merge them into a thing of beauty and grace! I loved the part about asking the Lord for His eyes to see one another. Blessings to you!

  8. ooh i loved this post. i totally related. thanks for reminding me that we think/love/act/RE-act/etc differently than our husbands, and to not be so easily offended/overly sensitve by them when patience isn’t running high 🙂

  9. Grams says:

    I’d love to share one of my favourite quotes. “If one of you should ever cry, may the other taste salt.”

  10. Constance says:

    When Dave and I were in our pre-marital counseling we did those personality tests. He and I were neck and neck in every area except one. I was on the extrememe end of the spectrum of emotions and he was polar opposite on logic and reason.

    It made from some lively heated discussions in our early years of marriage. I felt de-valued by him because I saw things differently, the “wrong” way in his opinion and I saw him as cold, cruel and heartless.

    What made the difference for us is that we both sought God individually to grow in Godliness. Gradually, he grew to respect my insights and revealing to him that bluntness, while being useful, no one wants to be shredded by it. I learned to slow down, step back, take a deep breath and not REACT to every little or big thing that came along. It’s amazing how God helped us to grow in mutual respect for one another!

    Now, all of these years later, we complement each other very well. We give each other space, overlooking the weaknesses, realizing that we are led by the Holy Spirit to live a life of Godliness. I would rather be corrected by the Holy Spirit than my spouse and vice versa!


  11. Nice job plugging through the muck to truly see each other! May God continue to give you both wisdom about each other.

  12. nice A says:

    Love your post. It reminds me of what my sweetheart, now my husband, used to tell me that “opposite poles attract”. Like you and your husband, we’re so opposite in many things. During the early stage of our marriage, it was like a rocky road but thanks God for His guidance over us. He guided me into finding the book Men are from Mars, Women from Venus by John Gray. We both read it and we did understand more how to deal with our differences. Now we’re enjoying a blissful marriage.
    Thanks for leaving a nice comment in my post. Have a blessed week, sis!

  13. Beautiful post. It’s so true about changing the spouse. I learned the best thing to do is ask God to change us, and as He does, it changes everything—for the better!

  14. Kim says:

    Great post! It’s so great that you guys are able to discern what makes you tick and how you respond when you’re in a crisis so that you can show love to each other in clear and understandable ways.

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