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Summer Past

Ah yes summer was had by all 🙂  It was warm and delightfully slow.  We got a great big pool and the kids lived in a tent all summer long.  The ‘not so annual’ ladies tea was back on after a summer off last year and all four kids got tanned and taller.  This was also a summer of ‘not knowing’ in many areas of life.  I will touch on the most personal one pertaining to our immediate family.

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Moose Riding and a little update!

10011426_10152366628047127_5264897136790890329_nHAPPY FRIDAY! 

It has been a long long time since I have had a cute kid quote on here… Friday seems like the day to post a little goofy post… so here’s hoping this infuses some cheer into your winter day, it made me bust a gut when it happened…

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Studies & Bike Abouts

Sometimes I open my text book and I panic.  The thought bursts into my mind that I AM TOO OLD TO LEARN… to be more accurate, the thought is more complex and more like I HAVE BEEN A MOM FOR 13 YEARS AND HAVEN’T HAD TO STUDY IN THE TRADITIONAL SENSE AND MIGHT NOT KNOW HOW TO DO THIS ANY MORE!  I am sure many parent’s (at home full time and not) have thought parenthood has shrunken or (my personal favourite descriptive) melted ones brain!  Or perhaps it is just me (insert d’oh and frowny face here).  Mom is gonna carry on though… set an example for the kids… and all that such stuff… but first I close the text book after I have panicked and go for a bike ride. Continue reading →

Bugs and Buddies

I am not the only gardener in the family.  My husband and I planted a delightful little violet willow tree together, my 4 year old has been a very busy helper as I put in the seeds for all out vegetables and we have all been excited about the little plants we placed at the front yard, which should eventually provide us with a nice hedge.  As a little pat on the back I even picked up a few pretty little garden decorations.  It felt so official, I am a gardener, as I picked out GARDEN DECORATIONS.

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Felt very clever this year.  A day or two before December graced my calendar I did all the hard decorating and cleaning that comes with this holiday seasons arrival.  Twinkling eyed children arrived home that day.  I hadn’t warned them; it is always fun to gift your children a surprise, after all children treasure a good surprise far more then adults.

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If not in the storm then when?

Putting on the armor of God each day could be summed up in the idea of surrendering each day to live consciously within Christ.  Living through him is the most powerful armor one can wear to face this life.  Some of us, more then others, notice or are overwhelmed by the day to day storms.  The storms are for real, they can be crippling and sneaky and devastating, especially if your spiritual skin is too thin.

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Soccer Stars

I have my own two little soccer stars.  The boys both have been drawn to the game since they could walk.  The oldest is now on a team each spring.  He was so eager to start, watching his older sister trying it out, trying to play from the side lines.

Moments With My Three Year Old

Lovely moments in time, specifically today, but everyday, are in beautiful abundance when you spend so much TIME with children!
My three year old has been very chatty today:)
Morning Moment 
“My cars are on your mark and engines ready!” says my three year old as he lines up cars in front of my breakfast. “The blue will win because he is blue! RRRRRRRUMMMMM!” Watch out mommies toast! I had somehow gotten in the middle of a crash derby race!
After Our Walk Moments
My three year old picked his first ever bouquet of dandy-lions for me on our walk this morning! He then told me he couldn’t get me a lady bug cuz a lot of them where dead on the grass… awe 🙂
The street sweeper and cleaner went by and he screamed “OH BIG TRACTOR for me, for me!!”  We had to stand and watch every time it went by.
After Snack Moments  
There’s an old computer keyboard in the basement, three year old is pounding on it “I working on my puter… I don’t know why but we need a new one upstairs Mommy.”
“Can I watch a movie?” I said for sure.  “Ya an adventure!” The joy with which he throws himself onto the couch and under his favorite blanket, just for a half hour cartoon before lunch, reflects how he throws himself at everything in life.  Kids are excellent examples of GUSTO if you let them show you!

Win Some

(Our youngest two, wrestling with their Daddy.)

I was up much of the night with my preschooler.  He was coughing so hard he couldn’t sleep for long periods at a time… thus neither did I… So today I am all the more grateful for a little day-highlight I am going to share with you 🙂

MOM- “Nap time.”
MOM- “Lets go guys.  Mommy is tired too.”
KINDERGARTNER (DAUGHTER)- “I know, lez take a toy or two okay?!” (talking to her brother directly) “And then we can pat one another on the back for going to nap nice like this!” (pats her brother on the back… after a couple minutes he returns the pat… to my surprise they then walk quietly to their rooms and laid down for nap!)


Snow Aliens In March

(Awe, my baby boys first snow angel… or alien…)

It is a good thing we got out in winters first real batch of snow. Only a week later, since the snow storm, and most of it has melted!  This is the prairies so we could get more or we could end up with a warm wind that sweeps it all away.  Such a strangely warm winter this has been…

(I have fallen and I can’t get up!)

 Where I am living weather is a normal conversation to have with anyone and everyone.  Weather conversations can get very intense.  One specific thing I have started to notice was the difference between my friends out west (on the coast) and my friends here on the prairies.  Out west they assume they are entitled to snow-less winters and warm weather… out here we assume we will be punished for good weather, he he he…   I don’t know how many times I have heard, this year, ” We are going to get punished in July for this mild winter”! It makes me smile at our differences.

(Take picture of snow ball mama!)

 Now my kids and I have an advantage in that we are totally happy with a snowy winter so we don’t get down either way.  Kids don’t think about the future like adults do.  We often have an attitude of ‘if I think the worst I will not be disappointed’.  That attitude doesn’t usually turn out the way we think.  Generally we just become more grumpy personalities and in some ways always disappointed as everything is a chance to be negative.

Everything is a chance to not be negative too.  Kids are living now and so unconcerned with what may come that they are usually happy with any weather.  The attitude of ‘make the most of what ever it is’ seems to flow from children.  The more I relax as a mom, and go with their happy little way of looking at life, the better I am at mothering and the better I am at living in general.

(If life gives you snow, make snow soup!)

Baby Boy has been really into making snow angels this past week.  New discoveries are always so fun.  He calls them ‘snow aliens’ though… not sure where he got it from but I corrected him and he gave me a look as he corrected me in return… and I realized he knew exactly what he was saying.  I guess he isn’t as weirded out by the idea of aliens as I am, he he he.  “Such a pretty snow alien,” he smiles.

I want to be a woman of praise… living to praise Christ Jesus in all things and the least I can do is learn to praise him no matter the weather.  I am thankful for our dump of snow because of the fun the kids and I had in it.  If it hadn’t snowed my Baby Boy wouldn’t have discovered ‘snow alien making’ or my five year old wouldn’t have been able to make me ‘snow soup’.  My oldest two got to make their first, ever, snow forts and where so impressed with their abilities.  I got to watch it all, capture it all and treasure it in my heart.  Thank you Lord for working on my heart, strengthening it in you to be able to praise no matter… no matter the weather and with hope to learn praising no matter the circumstances.