Does Life Foreshadow Eternities’ Satisfaction?

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, And light unto my path.
~Psalm 119-105 (ASV)
After an incredibly relaxing morning with the family I reflected on how often my hopes don’t appear to line up with my determination to be surrendered completely to God’s direction and purpose in life.  Of course the mystery for me is that often this has indeed proven to not be the case, and a heart desire ended up being completely fulfilled in an unexpected way as I trusted in Christ Jesus and lived in him.  That being said, the ache is real until one knows, until one clearly sees.  With this preliminary explanation I now direct you to my slightly overly poetic musing below.
I often wonder why there are things in life that instantly make me react with excitement head to toe; things that are unlikely to ever be a regular part of my path in life. 
Call them desires, call them dreams.
Unfulfilled they sting yet also remain some what sweet when brought up anew. 
I am not entirely restless and I am most certainly not ungrateful.
It amazes me how one can be completely thankful for where they are in life and in that same head and heart space remember they long for something that wouldn’t really fit.
Is this the push or encouragement to become more comfortable more ready for change?
I know life is a book full of different chapters.  Is this a foreshadow, and if it is how far ahead is it foreshadowing?
 “We don’t know where we’re going, but isn’t is fun to go?” 
~L.M. Montgomery (The Blue Castle)

Perhaps this is a whispering reminder to have an eternal perspective.

P.S. An overly dramatic quote from a favourite book series of mine:
“The ghosts of things that never happened are worse than the ghosts of things that did.”
~L.M. Montgomery (Emily’s Quest)
To which my heart warmly replies -never hasn’t happened yet-! 🙂  Be blessed, encouraged and challenged in Jesus Christ today!
Always Lady Mac an Rothaich

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