MARRIAGE MONDAY Reboot if you will :)

(My eldest three and I performing for a non-family audience for the first time.)

After a holiday break we are all meeting up once again, thanks to our host at . We where requested to do up this little fill in the blank style post to help reacquaint ourselves.
I am….. better then my human potential.
I want….. too much for myself.
I have….. more then I deserve.
I wish….. I had more time to perfect hobbies and talents.
I hate….. migraines (they are new to me and not welcome).
I miss….. the northern forests I was raised in.
I fear….. phobias… they are a more physical fear as you often don’t realise you have them till put in the situation where your body really shuts down.  Being underground is that for me…fainted a few times before realising I was even afraid in such a circumstance.
I feel….. disappointed in my health.
I hear….. music almost all the time, I am either listening to it or making it.
I smell….. very little since I was born without this sense.
I crave….. chocolate
I search….. for little moments in time that are often over looked.
I wonder….. at God and all his mystery.
I regret….. time spent regretting instead of learning from mistakes.
I love….. Garnet.
I ache….. when I see painful things my kids must go through, especially when I can identify with them.
I care….. too deeply about what others think when they aren’t being clear about it… must stop reading between the lines.
I always….. enjoy tea and a good book.
I am not….. good at forgetting.
I believe….. in truth.
I dance….. often with the kids, not well, but I can’t help moving!
I sing….. with my eldest three in public. Singing I have done since I was small but it is made anew in sharing it with my kids!
I cry….. easily
I don’t always….. pray and think first.
I fight….. more appropriately, thanks to my husbands ‘good form’ (behavior that conforms to social conventions of the time; “it is not good form to brag about winning”) in this regard.
I write….. often but rarely with paper and pen any more.
I never…. get it all right.
I listen….. better but need to practice growth in this area.
I need….. Jesus
I am happy….. based on happenstance thus I trust more in the JOY my saviour provides.

He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the LORD. (Prov 18:22 NASB)

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14 Comments on "MARRIAGE MONDAY Reboot if you will :)"

  1. Constance says:

    Good to get reacquainted again! I can relate to your aches, I am hurting right now for my son Charles, his best friend (Nash) and their family. Nash’s 20 year old brother Erick is being taken off of life support, probably today as soon as a heart recipient is lined up. It’s a big dose of the real world for my 21 year old youngest born. I wish I could shield him, in fact all of my children from the hurts in this life. Thank God for Jesus who is our High Priest Intercessor at the throne of the Most High!

  2. Lisa Maria says:

    Thank you for sharing with us! It is nice to get to know everyone a little better. Its really great that you share your love of music with your children! I share a love of baking with mine. It creates nice moments of bonding doesn’t it?

  3. eph2810 says:

    I never get it all right; I think it has to do with me wanting to be perfect (or at least close to it).

    I have enjoyed reading about you and who you are. I love to meet new bloggers.

    Love & peace,
    <>< Iris

  4. TerriG says:

    HI Mac! Nice to meet you. You are blessed to be able to sing with your kids. Happy Monday!

  5. Bobbi says:

    O dearie…those migraines…yeah, they are NEVER welcome. I EMPATHIZE and will pray for you!

  6. Seeing a lot of chocolate answers! It was great to read your answers, I enjoyed getting to know you better.

  7. e-Mom says:

    Congratulations on your public singing “gig” with your children! (You remind me of Maria in “The Sound of Music.” Wasn’t she singing and making music all the time?)

    I’m sorry you’re having such difficult relationship struggles that they have caused you to faint. (I’ve never fainted. What’s it like to faint?)

    So glad you’re a dancer!

    Thanks for joining us for Marriage Monday today, Mac an Rothaich.

    Hugs, e-Mom ღ

  8. Great to get to know you better. I empathize on the migraines–few things make for a worse day. I was trying to imagine what it would be to not have a sense of smell (so many of my memories are related to smell). Agreeing that I ache for my kids not to learn the same hard lessons I learned. *sigh*

    Thank you for sharing today.

  9. Thank you for all your nice feed back ladies. He he he, I am afraid I didn’t make my fear part clear enough… listed a fear and a phobia, being underground makes me faint and fainting feels awful. Nothing cute and lady like about it.

  10. There, removed one of my answers for the fear question to try and make it all more clear:)

  11. bp says:

    Enjoyed your answers! This was a fun exercise that made me think. I liked your answer on I listen….I need to practice this as well.
    Hope you have a wonderful day!

  12. I loved your list! I don’t always pray first either. Then later I regret it. You would think I would learn…but I guess that’s my weak flesh. Maybe one day I’ll get it right 😉 Blessings to you!

  13. I enjoyed reading your list. I hate migraines, too, but they aren’t new to me. Ugh! Thanks for sharing!

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