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Problem solving.  Thinking about solutions.  There may be a new home for ‘avoiding the sandy land’ in the near future.  Keep you posted 🙂


Galactic Phaser

You might think I am the craziest mama in the galaxy, giving my intergalactic three year old warrior a noisy ‘galactic phaser’ gun… but I had a plan; good book, ear plugs and the gun as my insurance that I get reading time 🙂

Riddick Attacks Basketball

Soccer Stars

I have my own two little soccer stars.  The boys both have been drawn to the game since they could walk.  The oldest is now on a team each spring.  He was so eager to start, watching his older sister trying it out, trying to play from the side lines.

French Jam and Iced Tea

Call it thrifty or good recycling, I like the sound of ‘clever domesticity’!   A little inexpensive solution for at home is always a treasure of a find when it is a pretty solution as well!

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(Contacts mean sunglasses, and sunglasses mean WAY less migraines, which means I am happily out doors more!)

And the contact adventures continue!  I ran into too many snags getting my first order from Costco, as had been the plan, so I went with the wonderful shop that sold me the new glasses and shades I am enjoying.  No fuss and in no time they had my first six months worth for me.

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A Study of The Mother’s Day Tulip :)

I am willingly swept off my feet by the man who brings me home grocery store tulips!

Our Advocate

Tonight I partook in a special service about the ascension of Christ.  Although it is a traditional Thursday night service, that has been celebrated by the organized church for a long time, this is my first time attending such a service.  The gathering of the Body tonight reminded me of my awe; awe at the fact that we have an advocate before the all consuming fire we call God.

Belated Mother’s Day Post

We have never pushed holiday celebration around here, but now our children are old enough to plan things.  We have little choice but to let them spoil us on Mothers Day and Fathers Day.

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Moments With My Three Year Old

Lovely moments in time, specifically today, but everyday, are in beautiful abundance when you spend so much TIME with children!
My three year old has been very chatty today:)
Morning Moment 
“My cars are on your mark and engines ready!” says my three year old as he lines up cars in front of my breakfast. “The blue will win because he is blue! RRRRRRRUMMMMM!” Watch out mommies toast! I had somehow gotten in the middle of a crash derby race!
After Our Walk Moments
My three year old picked his first ever bouquet of dandy-lions for me on our walk this morning! He then told me he couldn’t get me a lady bug cuz a lot of them where dead on the grass… awe 🙂
The street sweeper and cleaner went by and he screamed “OH BIG TRACTOR for me, for me!!”  We had to stand and watch every time it went by.
After Snack Moments  
There’s an old computer keyboard in the basement, three year old is pounding on it “I working on my puter… I don’t know why but we need a new one upstairs Mommy.”
“Can I watch a movie?” I said for sure.  “Ya an adventure!” The joy with which he throws himself onto the couch and under his favorite blanket, just for a half hour cartoon before lunch, reflects how he throws himself at everything in life.  Kids are excellent examples of GUSTO if you let them show you!