The Joy of Two At Christmas (Marriage Monday)

Our Private Christmas Tradition

There is one particular Christmas tradition that my husband and I share alone. Once the kids have gone to bed on Christmas Eve we give one another one gift (a movie). We are to buy one another a favorite movie from that year. Once we open it we choose one to watch together that night.

We started this a few years back. After being frustrated with feeling like we had no time for one another during the holidays, and year after year not getting our true love a gift; yet not feeling like we should because what do we need that we don’t provide for one another all year long, we came up with this movie plan. It was our way of keeping Christmas simple and more about time together then about stuff. We get a little something but the biggest gift is the time we carve out that night (no matter how busy it has been) to snuggle together and relax amidst all the Christmas hubbub. Garnet is my best friend and true love, THE ONE I really want to spend quality time with over the holidays!


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  1. That is a lovely, thoughtful tradition! Thank you so much for sharing it, and I hope you and yours have a very Merry Christmas!

  2. That is a great idea…I told about one of our favorite Christmas season movies…and it is because it reminds us of the priority of each other. I think my husband would enjoy this idea also.

  3. Faith says:

    That is awesome! We actually do something similar! I buy a classic movie (think 40’s/50’s) or a musical (we collect both) and give to my hubby on xmas day. then we carve out time later that day to watch together while the girls do other things… is always anticipated! we have done this for almost 10 years! And sometimes we watch it again later in the week with our daughters, depending on the content. It is one of my fave ways to spend the holiday with my true love and best friend! Sounds like you enjoy this too!

  4. I love this idea! It really gives you something to look forward to. Wonderful post.

  5. Bobbi says:

    I.LOVE.THIS. I just read this to my husband and we are SO going to adopt this idea from ya’ll! Thanks…and Merry Christmas!!

  6. e-Mom says:

    Very cool movie idea. Love it! (OK, who thought this one up, you or him?)

    There’s something very special about the late evening hours of Christmas Eve… It’s hushed, pregnant, and very intimate. So happy you and your husband have chosen to be together privately during that special time. You’re SO blessed.

    (Great photo!)

    Thanks for joining us for Marriage Monday today, Mac an Rothaich.

    Merry Christmas my fellow-Canuck,

    e-Mom ღ

  7. Honestly E-mom, I don’t for sure remember who came up with the idea but since we both enjoy buying movies it kinda came together.

  8. He was the one who said he feels like he doesn’t see me during the holidays though, we needed to find something to solve that! You know, when you are so busy that even though you are together you aren’t really together?!

  9. Jona says:

    this is very sweet. i’m also thinking of something we can do together alone when the kids are already in bed on christmas eve. can I imitate you? 😀

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  10. Jona, lol, please feel free:)

  11. gemini says:

    Love your post reminds me to stop between Christmas errands and give me Lovey dovey a hot kiss or too. Thanks for the reminder…Happy Marriage Monday.

  12. tonya says:

    What a great idea, to watch a movie together. Great post. 🙂

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