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Packaged with Love

On this Valentines day I am thinking about my Dad, my kids Papa Munro.

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Perfectly Ordinary… Thus Perfect :)

It was hot, too hot, and after getting my eight loaves of home made bread to the point of rising in the pans I wasn’t liking the idea of heating up the stove to cook supper.  My man ran out for pizza, the five bucks hot and ready kind, and those of us who waved to him in joyous farewell where bursting with grins on the front step.

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A New Home

Garnet is setting up a new blogging home for me!! It is well under way and should be ready to launch SOON!

A Study of The Mother’s Day Tulip :)

I am willingly swept off my feet by the man who brings me home grocery store tulips!

Belated Mother’s Day Post

We have never pushed holiday celebration around here, but now our children are old enough to plan things.  We have little choice but to let them spoil us on Mothers Day and Fathers Day.

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Money Talk (Marriage Monday)

Money is opportunity for a couple to work on surrender.

Money is something that can clearly effect ones relationship with each other negatively; thus certainly can stress the spiritual connection we have with Christ.  It is something that can give a person the allusion of control over their life and thus tempt one to surrender less or to see less value in surrender to Jesus.  The antidote to this temptation is indeed surrender!

Keeping Christ out of any area in our lives is not an option for the Christian.  For us, finances are just as much a faith conversation as a part of our physical circumstances.  That being said, tithing isn’t the subject in our home, when it comes to money and our faith.   The conversation is focused on the idea of including our money when we talk about and act on the concept of living in Christ.  We don’t see it as a way to live for him but to surrender to him. 

In agreement my husband and I don’t tithe.  We have moved away from the commandment idea, and are working on the ‘living in the Spirit’ reality instead.  We have a goal in mind, a goal to continue increasing in our giving and at the same time to put a cap on our lifestyle increase… in this way we hope to walk more in faith and worship day to day; understanding surrender as worship and faith building.  We hope to consciously choose to fight against the ‘american dream’ self increase ideal and instead grow in a wholly surrendered life in Christ.

Hold to your spouse and walk this road together with joy and faith!
Hold not to your finances but to Christ.


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ROMANCE (Marriage Monday)

~WASTE NOT a minute of your time together~

Life is short, eternity doesn’t include marriage so enjoy it while you can!  With how fast time moves, the older you get and the more kids you have, you must seize the moment.  While my man can be ‘shy’ about hugs and kisses in public I am not.  He has learned to let me, and I have learned to find a lot of pleasure out of his embarrassment (wink).  Basically, even if the kids are around we flirt, tease and laugh with one another because lets face it, date nights and perfect romantic moments alone are rare, due to financial limitations and the amount of little people we have to disrupt it all.  Every little moment to be romantic counts.  He passes me in the kitchen and I grab his beard and pull him in for a kiss.  I walk by with the laundry and he gives me a hug (upsetting the laundry).  We are getting pretty good at not wasting time, so much so that the kids have noticed.  The other night I said, more to my man then to the kids, “Off to bed you guys, I need to give your Dad trouble for eating all my goat cheese (yes I take my favorite snacks seriously)”.  To this my daughter responded with, “Oh yeah right (sarcasm already, she is only ten), you’re just gonna cover him in smooch-y kisses”!

~ TAKE IT, it is yours to possess~

I knew even when we where still dating that I was the romantic one.  The one who needed, and noticed the most romantic little moments.  Thus I quickly got good at telling him clearly what we should do, pointing out when we where in the middle of a perfectly romantic moment, and MAKING THEM HAPPEN MYSELF.

(Bike riding together at river.)

The way I got over the feminine tendency to be frustrated at him, for ‘not getting it on his own’, was to start seeing when he actually was being romance in ‘his own way’, and to accept, appreciatively, his uniqueness in this area.  When he would throw me over his shoulder and laugh at my screams, this was romantic to him.  When he would buy me a chocolate bar and eat half then smile as I reprimanded him, this was romantic to him.  When he follows me with his eyes, usually when I am sick or tired or just a mess, this is VERY romantic to him.  All of the previously mentioned ‘man romance’ moments now make me laugh, and love him even more!  Finding contentment in how one another ticks, finding joy at how unique they are from what  ones culture calls ‘romantic’, is key to a happy and flirt-y relationship.

 Practically, we literally carve out time for one another.  Yes we try to go on dates but mostly we work hard to keep our schedules much more calm then what is normal speed all around us.  We make it a family priority to have plenty of unplanned free time for all, and then to enjoy it with one another.

Time is so romantic 🙂

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Intimacy (Marriage Monday)

Sex with your spouse because more enjoyable when:

  • Both person’s are thinking of the other; the other’s desires, needs and just about them in general.
  • You accept men and women work differently and don’t judge but willingly  work with the, not always complimentary, way we each are.
  • You are free with one another, brave, able to try new and fresh things together.
  • You trust one another.  Trust is earned but is also given when you really love someone and want to build your faith in them.
  • You give MORE time for one another, not worrying about it being quality but quantity.
  • You are intimate more often; the more you have sex the better it gets.

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Submitting In Marriage (Marriage Monday)

(A Pretty Little Valentines Cupcake.FEB14th/12)

Being truly transformed in Christ will flip our human nature on its head.  In Ephesians 5 Paul shows he clearly understood, through the guidance of the Holy Ghost, that men and women alike, although in different ways unique to our sex, are inherently selfish.   Thus comes the call to SUBMIT to one another.  Seeking out our own desires and benefits can not coexist with a healthy lifestyle in Christ.

Marriage requires SO MUCH trust in ones life partner.  If I had felt I could not trust a man to lead my family I wouldn’t have entered holy matrimony.  In fact, I had no intentions of putting myself under the headship of another man once I was free to leave my fathers home.  I had grand plans to live on my own with a cabin, a farm and a successful career in the library field. Jesus had something better in mind.  I had no idea this better future involved a complex love that would push me, and growing me, and would be found in the arms of the man God created for me.  I married Garnet because I knew I could trust and respect him; both of which sprang out of the love.  I married him because I saw with in us the ability to compromise and work together, I had a strong hope in a continual growth of character that would make putting one another first easier.


Submission is so important in a marriage, like bending prevents one from breaking.  A woman can, through submission, seek to protect a mans reputation, give him honor before her children and help him in his call on earth with her love, support and sharing of her gifts; yet ultimately my man understands all this must come from Christ first.  I am human, I will fail him, so all submission and trust must FIRST be in his Saviour.  The same part of the Bible that speaks of women submitting to their man also clearly points out a large calling to the men, to love their wives as Christ did the Church.  I have also had to expect his shortcomings in this area.  He is human and will fail me.  I too must expect such a high calling to first come through my relationship with my Jesus. 

Submission on my part and sacrificial love on his part can’t be done in our own strength, or even with extensive knowledge and understanding of the scriptures.  It is a larger then life request that we can only hope to succeed in through Jesus Christ.  FIRST we must be submitting our good and bad to Christ, both of us must be living out THE CALL and every waking moment in Jesus…. as worship to Jesus.  The rest will work itself out as we are transformed in and by our Lord.

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Happy Valentines!

Garnet surprised me with this valentines gift last night, right at midnight.  It was a surprise because he doesn’t do this sort of thing.  I giggled as he shared how a concerned coworker had took him under his wing and reminded him about Valentines.  He spotted the perfect and unique gift for me last week in our favorite shop and had to share it.

It is a South American tea but also a style of tea drinking all its own so we are very excited to share it together.  Drank with a metal straw, that works as the tea dispenser/filter, in a hollowed out gourd and shared from the same cup.  It is packed with tea so should be good and strong.

This version of mate is supposed to taste like chocolate, have the kick of coffee but is a tea.  It is said to have superior health benefits to other hot drinks and other teas specifically.

We are such a couple of crazy and dedicated tea drinkers!

To have a closer look, or to order you own, link HERE FOR MORE DETAILS!