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Studies & Bike Abouts

Sometimes I open my text book and I panic.  The thought bursts into my mind that I AM TOO OLD TO LEARN… to be more accurate, the thought is more complex and more like I HAVE BEEN A MOM FOR 13 YEARS AND HAVEN’T HAD TO STUDY IN THE TRADITIONAL SENSE AND MIGHT NOT KNOW HOW TO DO THIS ANY MORE!  I am sure many parent’s (at home full time and not) have thought parenthood has shrunken or (my personal favourite descriptive) melted ones brain!  Or perhaps it is just me (insert d’oh and frowny face here).  Mom is gonna carry on though… set an example for the kids… and all that such stuff… but first I close the text book after I have panicked and go for a bike ride. Continue reading →

Packaged with Love

On this Valentines day I am thinking about my Dad, my kids Papa Munro.

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Catching Snow Flakes In Your Own Back Yard

All we wanted to do was get to the hill for some sliding.  What we really wanted was to skate, but that takes a lot more planning and we were running out of time on one of the few warm days this January.  Dad held us up at the last and we ended up sitting in a toboggan, in the yard, trying to catch the fantastically fluffy snow flakes on our tongues.

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‘Chili Needs Cheese’ and ‘Corner Store Movies’

Did you know you can still rent movies at the corner store?  Well we can!  Good thing too, with no cable and all the channels digital (thus inaccessible for us) the big movie store names disappearing faster then I would have said “When did that happen?”, we are pretty limited at our house.

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Puzzling Day

I have begun collecting calm hobbies.  Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the high energy ones too, had a blast at my ladies floor hockey night just this past Thursday.  I could happily skate on the neighbourhood rink for hours with my big kids, and if I could go to the dog park and run around with Riddick every day I would… but, while exerciser is good for high blood pressure, I also am feeling the need to get more ‘slow myself down hobbies’ that are as deliciously mellow as reading.  Enter, or rather, re-emerge puzzling!

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Super Me

They tell us the first five years are the most important.  We’ve got five years to help our babies connect as many of the neurons in their little brains as possible.  As usual, a lot of what they say could invite a good dose of panic into parenting… do we all need to be superheroes?

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it IS on my mind

In new years past I contemplated making a resolution, as is the cultural norm in my little part of the world.  Each year I was struck with my short comings in using my personal resolve to change much of anything in my life.  THIS year I continued my own tradition of being honest with myself and not making any personal promises.  I realise I learn and grow more then I ever decide and change, and so I have embraced that.

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Christmas With A Touch of Flu Bug

Skating, tobogganing, family gathering around a turkey meal, gifts, laughs, sleep overs, board games, card games and so much more… all with a little flu mixed in.

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Winter Thumbs Up

A cold has kept me stuck at home for almost two weeks, voiceless for the last week, and while colds are one of my least favorite things about winters set in, there are many other things worthy of a double thumbs up.  Thumbs up is my youngest child’s favorite way to express pure pleasure in the littlest of things. I have collected my current top five winter wonderfuls, in no particular order, to share.

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Felt very clever this year.  A day or two before December graced my calendar I did all the hard decorating and cleaning that comes with this holiday seasons arrival.  Twinkling eyed children arrived home that day.  I hadn’t warned them; it is always fun to gift your children a surprise, after all children treasure a good surprise far more then adults.

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