A Pause in The Pain

I am learning the difference between owning stress and stress owning you. 

Stress hits me hard physically even when I am walking well spiritually.  I used to try to deny this and in the end pay more physically when practicing this dishonesty.   The weight of stress sneaks up and one doesn’t always realize how they have been walking painfully under it until there is a let up.  Those storms of life can be so long you can be unaware of their effect until they give you a break.  I no longer believe being stressed is a fault, as stress in this life is inevitable, BUT I also no longer allow myself to define myself or limit myself based on life’s storms or stress.

A couple weeks ago I got up early and had breakfast alone.  It was so quiet I had time to collect my thoughts.  It quickly occurred to me I had little pain of heart to push through to find my joy.  I had none of that stress that is so demanding that it can cloud all that is so continually beautiful about my life.  I was experiencing a pause in the pain.  With this break came a welcomed breeze of encouragement.

Sorrow and pain, can exist without defining me.  I can be in a time of stress and not be hopeless, or faithless, or joyless.  All this and more I find myself able -in Christ alone-.  I still don’t usually charge through the hurricanes of life but I find myself more and more able to slowly carry on, thank GOD!  More and more that -still small voice- reminds me of truths that I can submit my emotions and my personality to.  This submission and obedience to his voice at such a time is always to my benefit.  Holy Spirit is indeed our comforter if we will allow him.

“Come, Holy Spirit, Come”
by Joseph Hart, 1712-1768

1. Come, Holy Spirit, Come!
Let Thy bright beams arise;
Dispel the sorrow from our minds,
The darkness from our eyes.

2. Revive our drooping faith,
Our doubts and fears remove,
And kindle in our breasts the flame
Of never-dying love.

This post is an opportunity for me to reflect back to this positive hope filled experience.  Encourage one another.  Let yourself be encouraged!  We need these moments of pause… I need these moments of pause.

I am anew seeking to walk well through an unwelcome but familiar storm.   In Christ alone I place my trust.

I would be blessed in knowing that you have had a chance to pray for me.


Lady Mac an Rothaich

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