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Perfectly Ordinary… Thus Perfect :)

It was hot, too hot, and after getting my eight loaves of home made bread to the point of rising in the pans I wasn’t liking the idea of heating up the stove to cook supper.  My man ran out for pizza, the five bucks hot and ready kind, and those of us who waved to him in joyous farewell where bursting with grins on the front step.

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For Grandma Hicks

Mac Tac

Some say parenting and reading regularly can’t coexist.  I say, get your kids into reading and you can all escape together!  I also say ignore the kids  a little bit more, you can’t be accused of being a helicopter parent that way, AND you get to READ; win win!

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32 and Counting

I have made a big change this year.  I am going to be willing and open to help, ready and available for healing, and always ready to fertilize hopefulness.  Brave, for me, has been redefined, no longer does it mean a strong stance and serious face, but a thankful stance and an honest face.

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