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DECEMBERS HYMN (last hymn of the project)

Bring A Torch Jeanette Isabella

For my final monthly hymn I chose a Christmas carol. It originated from the Province region of France in the 16th century. I .chose a French Carol so I was sure I didn’t know it already. It is also to encourage more learning of this second language in our home. I will focus on learning the English first. It will later be a project for my oldest daughter and I to learn in French. A very pretty song but it was hard to find an audio for it so I am using a video to learn it this month. You can link to the video RIGHT HERE

Bring a torch, Jeanette, Isabella!
Bring a torch, to the stable run
Christ is born. Tell the folk of the village
Jesus is born and Mary’s calling.
Ah!* Ah! beautiful is the Mother!
Ah! Ah! beautiful is her child
It is wrong when the child is sleeping,
It is wrong to talk so loud.
Silence, now as you gather around,
Lest your noise should waken Jesus.
Hush! Hush! see how he slumbers;
Hush! Hush! see how fast he sleeps!
Softly now unto the stable,
Softly for a moment come!
Look and see how charming is Jesus,
Look at him there, His cheeks are rosy!
Hush! Hush! see how the Child is sleeping;
Hush! Hush! see how he smiles in dreams!
Un flambeau, Jeanette, Isabelle —
Un flambeau! Courons au berceau!
C’est Jésus, bonnes gens du hameau.
Le Christ est né; Marie appelle!
Ah! Ah! Ah! Que la Mère est belle,
Ah! Ah! Ah! Que l’Enfant est beau!
C’est un tort, quand l’Enfant sommeille,
C’est un tort de crier si fort.
Taisez-vous, l’un et l’autre, d’abord!
Au moindre bruit, Jésus s’éveille.
Chut! chut! chut! Il dort à merveille,
Chut! chut! chut! Voyez comme il dort!
Doucement, dans l’étable close,
Doucement, venez un moment!
Approchez! Que Jésus est charmant!
Comme il est blanc! Comme il est rose!
Do! Do! Do! Que l’Enfant repose!
Do! Do! Do! Qu’il rit en dormant! [1]
(*) The word Hark! or Hush is sometimes substituted for Ah!

The video that I am learning this song from sings the alternate lyrics and they are as follows:

Alternate Lyrics:
Bring a torch, Jeannette, Isabella!
Bring a torch to the cradle run!
It is Jesus, good folks of the village;
Christ is born and Mary’s calling:
Ah! ah! beautiful is the mother!
Ah! ah! beautiful is her Son!
It is wrong when the Child is sleeping
It is wrong to talk so loud;
Silence, all, as you gather around,
Lest your noise should waken Jesus:
Hush! hush! see how fast He slumbers:
Hush! hush! see how fast He sleeps!
Softly to the little stable,
Softly for the moment come;
Look and see how charming is Jesus,
See how He smiles, Oh see how rosy!
Hush! hush! see how the Child is sleeping;
Hush! hush! see how He smiles in dreams.


Favorite Verse From November’s Hymn

I know not what awaits me,
God kindly veils my eyes,
And o’er each step of my onward way
He makes new scenes to rise;
And every joy He sends me comes
A sweet and glad surprise.

This hymn is so very true to this trip we called life. We just don’t know what is going to happen and holding on to Jesus through the ups and downs that will come requires trust and faith BUT who better to trust in then Jesus!

DECEMBER’S HYMN, my last hymn is soon to come.


Novembers Hymn

I Know Not What Awaits Me is my November hymn selection and second last of the project!

I am a little uncertain about it. Though I really like the words I have yet to meet anyone who is very familiar with it and can help me out with the vocals a bit. Found a couple youtube videos but the singers seem to deviate from the original hymn a far bit, which is fine, I am for artistic licence and all, but it doesn’t help me learn the basics of the song. Anyhow, it took a bit for me to warm up to it but something about it makes me think it can become a favorite of mine. I think the vocals are just waiting to be given life.

The lyrics of the song are attributed to one Mary G. Brainard. I couldn’t seem to find anything on her. However, the music is attributed to Philip P. Bliss, who is very well known in the hymnal world. Click on his highlighted name for a link to a little write up about him. Let me know if you know anything about Mary G. Brainard.

I think this is a suited song at this time, nearing the end of my project and all… I am often wondering what is to be next and what was the really benefit to this little year long activity of mine? I hope to have something of meaning from it all to share with you in my very final hymn project post.


Favorite Verse of Octobers Hymn

IT IS THAT TIME AGAIN! And only a couple more hymns till it is all done! I am still in the process of picking my hymn for this month. Hope to have it up soon. I must say, being near the end has made it harder for me to narrow down which ones I really want to get in before I am done. I am really cherishing this project… and who knows, perhaps I will put up a recording of one of the hymns, just my version sorta thing… perhaps.

Octobers hymn was so meek and sweet and I felt like holding each verse gently in my hands and not letting them go… may they be written on my heart.

According to Thy gracious word,
In meek humility,
This will I do, my dying Lord,
I will remember Thee.


Octobers Hymn

(My youngest two and my niece enjoying an autumn tradition, the straw maze, it is set up by a local green house business.)

According to Thy Gracious Word

A hymn clearly about remembering Christs sacrifice for us, it was written by James Montgomery. James was known for humanitarian beliefs, he spoke out against slavery and child labor. A simple yet pretty tune caught my ear and the simple and familiar Christian ideals in the song where familiar enough with a sweet twist at the end. Last months was easy to pick up and learn and I think this one will be as well.


My Favorite Verse From Septembers Hymn

I like this hymn largely because it is a call for community among the believers and it is reminding us of the beauty in that. The fellowship of the saints has largely been forgotten in the format of programmed churches today… and seen as too difficult in today’s busy society but the truth is it is a lost blessing and the majority of us DO miss it… if we only missed it enough to do something about it…

He bids us build each other up;
And, gathered into one,
To our high calling’s glorious hope,
We hand in hand go on,
We hand in hand go on.


September’s Hymn

This months hymn choice, for me to learn, is All Praise to Our Redeeming Lord.

Written by Charles Wesley. I am sure this is a familiar name to many of you, he was a leader in the Methodist movement. Check out the link on his name for a bigger biography.

I am now terribly interested on reading up on him again and checking out his other hymns. Perhaps there are more of his I have yet to have learned and that catch my ear enough to be part of this project.


August’s Hymn (Favorite Verse)

Oh Blessed, Living Lord
Because this months song sings like a lullaby and reads like a poem I couldn’t pick a favorite verse and shall share them all with you. Read it through and tell me which part really moved your heart.

I love the idea of praying for our hearts to be engaged and to answer with a chord thus I thought the first verse was my favorite. However I could whole heartedly agree with where the author was coming from as I read through verse two and so I thought I would choose it but then the final verse was such a good reminder and so simply put about something so big I realised I had to share them all.

  1. O blessed, living Lord,
    Engage our hearts with Thee,
    And strike within some answ’ring chord
    To love so rich and free!
  2. To know Thy loving heart!
    To cleave to Thy blest side!
    To gaze upon Thee where Thou art,
    And in Thy love abide!
  3. To walk with Thee below!
    To learn Thy holy ways!
    And more to Thine own stature grow,
    To Thine eternal praise!
  4. Thyself our one Desire!
    Thyself our Object here!
    The goal to which our hearts aspire—
    To meet Thee in the air!


August’s Hymn

The hymn I have chosen for this month is O blessed, living Lord . Follow the link if you wish to check it out yourself.

I didn’t forget, I have been practicing it. I just didn’t get around till now to post about it.

Lyrics where written by George West Frazer


Life Is An Adventure

Those are my feet in the sand…
that can only mean one thing, VACATION TIME!

I have been on vacation and loving it so I shall be back a.s.a.p. with a post on my newest monthly hymn, maybe some stories from my vacation, something about turning ’30’ I believe… and more.TTFN