Snacking on Pancakes

Barley Pancakes!
(I just love their warm brown colors!)

Sitting here with another cup of tea, munching on yesterday’s breakfast. I love eating pancakes cold and plain the next day. I especially love my golden barley pancakes.

Basically I took my mothers faithful ‘Scottish Pancakes’ and altered it a little. Less sugar (1 cup of white sugar is now 1/2 cup of organic sugar and 1/3 cup of wheat germ) and different flour are the main differences (white flour switched to 100% whole grain barley flour). The barley flour is surprisingly light (much lighter then whole wheat) and so switching it to all barley is not a big deal.

My barley pancakes are more filling, they cook faster and have a gorgeous color. They taste lovely, mildly sweet and doughy with a nutty taste that makes me wanna keep snacking. The kids love them and I feel good serving them (feel even better eating them YUM).

The kids would love to share the left overs with me today but they understand there is a limit to Mommy’s generous nature and when it comes to cold pancakes I draw a line. I hand them a cookie and remind them ‘the pancakes are mine!’

Gotta go, the last pancake is waiting to unite with a perfect cup of red tea and help me have a perfect moment of inactivity as I sit on my couch and stare at the pine trees out my window. I have a lot to say about those pine trees but that is a story for another time…


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  1. Jenn L says:

    oooh they look delicious!

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