Intense at SEVEN and going on Thirty!

(My little sales ladies!
After watching some kids with a lemonade stand I caught her trying to sell pine cones for a dollar each! To our neighbors… one of whom is the owner of the tree that is loosing all the pine cones!!)

I am wondering if most parents have felt like this where their oldest is concerned? I don’t know what I am getting myself into with her!! No one told me she would change SO MUCH and SO FAST in one summer. I thought I had it cased till high school at least but she has really been stretching her maturity wings lately. A million and one questions, ideas and concerns!

I have been going to bed a lot lately with a sigh and this thought on my mind ‘what am I supposed to do here?’ She surprises me so often lately and I stand there looking dumb, trying to say what I should and do what I should in each new situation.

MY GIRL -‘Mom lets make crafts out of the pine cones and sell them for money!’
ME -‘Uhhh
MY GIRL-‘Oh lets clean up the whole neighborhood so everone can have a break!’
ME -‘Well…’
MY GIRL -‘They can pay us if they like! Like a hundred bucks each huh!!?’

My perceptive girl is even more so lately and I am afraid to turn the tv on because she is gifted at pointing out how much inappropriate stuff is on even during the day! If something is at all touching it is a given that she will cry lately. My girl is a sponge and willing to take on the weight of the world! I can just see her mind kicking into intense gear right before my eyes and I just wanna get out of her way…

The other day we where watching ‘Sue Thomas FBI’ and Levi (the dog) got lost… She started wailing and I gave her a hug. She was shaking! So worked up about Sue and her dog that I had to tell her the end of the episode so she could relax (good thing I have watched every episode a million times).

I love her so… I hug her when she is weeping for the sixth time today about someone elses pain or upset about what is on tv…and I try to help her deal with all this… categorize and put it into its place, all sorted nicely in her sweet little brain…

‘Mom why do they only put the sad stuff on the news?’ SO PERCEPTIVE!
‘Mom why are people so mean?’ SO TRUE!
‘Mom we need to care about people even if don’t know them RIGHT?’ So beautiful!

I wanna do right by her and say right by her but I can’t get ahead of her lately!


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  1. Casey11 says:

    She is so thoughtful too! When she brought me out the picture she drew of “me and AdaLynn”, I didn’t really pay any attention to it. Of course I said “thank you” and “it’s beautiful” but I didn’t really put much thought into it. I sort of felt like she had just drawn a random picture and then said it was me…

    Then when Jesse was doing the laundry, he found it in my pocket and asked me about it. I said Lyd had made it for me…he thought it was really great and came to show it to me again. He pointed out that she had even drawn a little pony tail for Ada. I will try from now on not to underestimate my niece!

  2. Jenna says:

    what a sweet, precious little daughter you have. it is sad that they can’t stay oblivious to the pain of the world forever. lucky for her she has a good momma

  3. e-Mom says:

    Oh yes, they do grow up fast! It sounds like you have one perceptive little girl. She certainly has a strong business sense. I imagine she will always express this gift throughout her life. :~D

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