Novembers Hymn

I Know Not What Awaits Me is my November hymn selection and second last of the project!

I am a little uncertain about it. Though I really like the words I have yet to meet anyone who is very familiar with it and can help me out with the vocals a bit. Found a couple youtube videos but the singers seem to deviate from the original hymn a far bit, which is fine, I am for artistic licence and all, but it doesn’t help me learn the basics of the song. Anyhow, it took a bit for me to warm up to it but something about it makes me think it can become a favorite of mine. I think the vocals are just waiting to be given life.

The lyrics of the song are attributed to one Mary G. Brainard. I couldn’t seem to find anything on her. However, the music is attributed to Philip P. Bliss, who is very well known in the hymnal world. Click on his highlighted name for a link to a little write up about him. Let me know if you know anything about Mary G. Brainard.

I think this is a suited song at this time, nearing the end of my project and all… I am often wondering what is to be next and what was the really benefit to this little year long activity of mine? I hope to have something of meaning from it all to share with you in my very final hymn project post.


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