Packaged with Love

On this Valentines day I am thinking about my Dad, my kids Papa Munro.

On a very low week passed I was surprised with a package in the mail.  Dawning my boots I quickly dashed out into the snow to retrieve it from the front step.   I had been expecting books, due to my habit of ordering them online,.  But this packaged had my Dad’s name, in my mother’s hand writing, across the front.

Love was all over it.  Before I had even opened it I found a note from my mother explaining why she had finished the packaging job.  Dad had tapped up the box so WELL she thought she should paper wrap and label it for the mail.  Mom also assured me this packaged had nothing to do with her.

Dad had spotted a little something that reminded him of me and he picked it up with plans to mail it out right away.   I have no idea what was on the front of the card he had included, as I immediately flipped it open anticipating a lovely message from MY DAD, in his superb and lovely hand writing.  I was not disappointed.  Typical of my Dad this gift was all about him thinking about me and nothing to do with a special day.

I want him to know he makes me feel all the more special by surprising me with thoughtfulness for no particular reason other then he cares for me.  Love you Dad!

Thanks to being raised by parents who understood the value in letting people know you love them when ever you can I seek to do the same with my own kids and my own man.  May we all remember to just be honestly loving when ever and more often!

Always Lady Mac an Rothaich


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  1. Robin Munro says:

    I love this little write up from you Rebecca. You are the best kind of daughter because you notice the details and count your blessings where ever they are found. Hardly a day goes by without your Dad mentioning how much he appreciates you. God bless you for your loving, kind ways Honey. Mom.

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