Singing A Song Even In Winter

If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.

~Anne Bradstreet~

Winter entices us all to remain more in doors, and rewards us with a sense of courage when we go out.

Winter gives us all a good reason to slow down and enjoy solitude, while also giving us an opportunity to really feel loneliness if we aren’t careful how much we sit in silence.

Winter brings out child like joy at the arrival of the first snow fall, and can push the older hearts to grumble as it lingers on.

Christmas is in winter.

Christmas gives the darkest time of year a chance to shine.

The lights, the love, the community; when found Christmas warms one to the middle no matter what the thermometer reads.


There was a lot of unexpected stress this season but oh so much more blessing.  I truly do enjoy much about winter; except, perhaps, those emotions… the emotions that don’t cooperate as much this time of year.  The same things about winter that seem comforting to me also seem to encourage melancholy.  I decide to be of good cheer, and to wait on the Lord for that joy to blossom like spring… just like I decide almost daily to GO out into winter and feel brave and healthy.

Story time… cheerful story time.

Let me tell you about one evening that I don’t have to romanticise as it was just perfectly real in its romance.  My children and I were invited to sing for the seniors club Christmas supper, held just down the street from our house.  Snow had arrived and was still freshly new; soft and bright looking.  Christmas lights were up.  Night came very early now.  The town was still and silent under the heavy snow and dark.  BUT there was peace in the air, and no gloom, as the kids and I prayed to be calm singing for our neighbors.  Bundled up to head out and dressed in our Sunday best we looked a picture of days gone by; boys in ‘driving caps’ and the girls in color and lace.  All of us were cheerful but nervous walking through the night to the hall.  We were praying under our breath still and some giggles were heard.  The brightly lit hall was warm and packed full of kind neighbors.

We sang and played, encouraging the audience to join in as we shared well known Christmas hymns.  Silent Night and other Christmas hymns are so familier we can all drum up memories that really make Christmas feel like it is supposed to feel… a time of holiness, tradition and family.  Our neighbors clapped, encouraged and chatted with us after the singing ended.  Their thanks and enjoyment sent us home warm and still bubbling with song.  As we walked off toward home we sang aloud ‘WE WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS’ totally hoping to be heard and knowing the minute we would stop the night and dense snow would swallow up the sound like a quickly and solidly closing door.  BUT we took that singing and joy home with us.  We talked on about how wonderful it was to get to sing for our town folk, to live in our town, to really enjoy winter and Christmas with all it has to offer.  We all talked ourselves to sleep…  Snug in bed I whispered thanks over and over to my God for how the heavy blanket of winter can make peace feel more real… I thanked my Jesus for family time and uninterrupted celebration with neighbors.IMG_20151215_110704_1

That kind of night is why I still like winter… and why I am thankful for Christmas.  This is why I can wait for spring.

But as for me, I will look to the LORD; I will wait for the God of my salvation; my God will hear me.

~Micah 7:7





Lady Mac an Rothaich





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