Feeling the Thankful (one)

I shall start with what hit me hard yesterday because it made me feel so much.

I am thankful for the very cold and very wet hug my Dad gave me last night before they left for home. They where here on a short road trip for one of mom’s appointments. It was raining/snowing out.. So, when he packed and started the car he got drenched but that didn’t stop him from giving a squealing me a bear hug good bye. He knew exactly what he was up to and the hug was accompanied by his always hearty belly laugh. At first I could barely breath it was so cold and wet in his arms but then I laughed with him and said ‘Dad your crazy.’ And then he was gone and I was crying. Thank God for my Dad and his hugs. Nuff said.TTFN

2 Comments on "Feeling the Thankful (one)"

  1. Mirelle says:

    I got all teary just reading this.

  2. nanny says:

    Your right there Mirelle. All that did was remind me of my Dad’s hugs and I was bawling. Something about the feeling of protection, pride, love of a Dad that can’t be duplicated anywhere else. Robin/Mom

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