Sickly Summer

Sick in summer…
Most years I don’t get ill this often in the summer… but this year is different…
Having a cold in summer is worse then in winter.
I can’t describe how yucky I felt sitting in the hot van today waiting to pick up my man this afternoon.
Head completely plugged, sneezing up a storm and a throat that is on fire… and sweating thanks to the beginning of summer finally!
Plus 30 today! Only half way through August!

Consider this my blaaaaaa blog for the week:(

Here are some nice pictures to remind me that soon I will feel better and enjoy this weather… if it stays around that long…TTFN

3 Comments on "Sickly Summer"

  1. e says:

    hope you’re feeling better soon enough to enjoy this beautiful summer sunshine!!

  2. Jenn L says:

    ugh! summer colds are the worst! Hope you get better quickly!

  3. nanny says:

    I seem to be getting over that cold Quade left quicker that I expected. Dad does not have many symptoms left either. Hope you feel better. Love Nanny/MOM

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