Doily Appreciation

(A favourite doily from Grandma)

While the doily may not be in general a in trend style around the house I have noticed they are popping up everywhere else. I have seen some cute versions of them framed in stylish ways, necklaces with tiny crochet doilies and one of my favorite trendy scarves is basically one long doily.

Thanks to my Grandma Hicks I have a fabulously large collection of them now. I love presenting them on surfaces, in their traditional use, but I have plans to frame some pinned to pretty wall paper and I found a fabulous craft there you turn your sweet doilies into adorable dressy collar complete with pearl buttons.

Thanks to Grandma for these handmade treasures and I sure hope I can get over to learn how to crochet from you soon!

Fab ideas LINKED HERE,
and a necklace idea HERE,
OH and this sweet collar HERE,
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and a scarf idea HERE!!


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