Rubber Boots Required

“Let us know; let us press on to know the Lord;

his going out is sure as the dawn; he will come to us as the showers, as the spring rains that water the earth.”

~Hosea 6:3~

My morning walk was so warm and comfortable and calm.  Rubber boots required and this fact made it clear that spring does indeed come to the prairies each year.  No matter how long the winter seems it ends in a damp season full of mud and pot holes in the road but no bugs, no blistering hot summer sun and very little yard work!  I got teary eyes on the way home.  I was thankful that if by chance I was spotted the prairie winds are always a good explination for watery eyes.

IMG_20150330_091043_1Got my self together early today so I could take my dog for a good walk and dropped the kids off at the school along the way.  They don’t need me to escort them anymore but I wanted to see our towns tiny version of rush hour.  The closest time one could call busy here is that short and sweet bit of rush at school drop off and pick up time.

Life was indeed out and about at my kids lovely little community school.  Buses lining up with farm kids and children from neighboring communities. A few parents parked to let their kids out.  Other children swarming from all four directions walking sleepy but with enough pace to beat second bell.  I turned to go and was happy to hear the school day begin with the bell ringing out as I walked on.

I wanted to walk around town at a time when I might run into people.  Wanted to enjoy the morning air, special light and sleepy sounds.  There are so many birds back already.  Specifically I think of the geese and ducks.  With all the puddles and mini prairie lakes popping up, because of spring melt, the geese and ducks are back and making themselves heard.

Riddick, my smooth fox terrier, and I walked toward the sunrise.  Along the way we exchanged greetings with a neighbor girl and she passed me the little umbrella we had won at a community drama event this last weekend.  Pleased, I thanked her and congratulated her on her fine performance.   A few blocks later the camp ground invited us.  Most of the snow is gone there so I easily walked over and climbed up the old play structure.  Tied my dog up in the sunshine and took some pictures while I thought about how nice everything looked andIMG_20150330_085757_1 felt from my perch on the play structure.  I dangled my legs for a while and considered writing poetry about spring.  Instead I texted my sister in law bubbling over about how pleasant the departure of winter is even for those of us who like winter.

Thoughts from my perch went something like this, “Summer wears me out.  The heat and work drains me.  Fall cools me off and brings some endurance back into my bones.  Winter wraps me up in quiet, calm, comfort.  I wear my big oversized comfy clothing, eat too many hearty meals and embrace my mellow hobbies, like reading and napping, more frequently.  Even relaxation can become a burden and so it is that spring seems to lift off a heavy load and wake me up to a real feeling of being alive again”.

I am just so very thankful for every uniquely small town experience I had today already.  Even though city living squeezed at my person I hope I was as observant even then, observant of the little stuff that was good.  I look back and I am easily thankful for the seven years we enjoyed all the benefits of city living and that makes me feel even more at ease in my bursting thankfulness that I now get to live life small town style.

Jumping down from the rough play structure I then untied my dog.  He stood up and stretched. Walking home was too short.  My dog and I sat on the flat rock in our front yard instead of going in.  More time in the sun was needed before either of us could imagine starting on the house work.

What is your favorite thing about spring?  Mine is the indescribable feeling I tried to describe in this post 🙂 IMG_20150330_090928_1

Always Lady Mac an Rothaich



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  1. Robin Munro says:

    My favorite things about spring include being able to open the door to the deck and letting in some of the lovely smells and fresh air again, no bugs, hours of sunshine to sit outside and enjoy, fewer clothes required to be outside and the birds beginning to return and sing. Two Canada Geese flew up the creek today honking happily about being early enough to pick out the best nesting site for themselves. I also love the bonfires as we clean up old brush and branches from firewood trees. AND, one more is that I will open and start heating and planting in my little greenhouse tomorrow.

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