Sewing, Gummy Worms and Saving Old School Wisdom cuz It is Still Wisdom!

We had a weekend of spring fun all planned out, soccer practice, work in the yard… and then a spring snow storm arrived bring a serious damper on our plans.  Snow storms in spring are much like a rainy day in summer, faces get pouty and moods can get antsy, thus this mom declared a crafting day!

The kids and I needed something a little different and engaging to keep our minds and hands busy.  There had been a few ‘crafty’ little projects kicking around that I had put off with all the other things demanding our time so we dug them out this Saturday.  I had picked up a very affordable little ‘learn to sew’ set for the girls ages ago, they gathered up everything they needed and the 3 of us settled in at the dining table.  Patiently they tried and failed then trying again they succeeded at their first hand sewing lesson. IMG_20150425_121416_1

This is such a clever little set because by the end you have only had a small amount of sewing to do to end up with a lovely little result, cute stuffies.   The girls enjoyed it so much we are thinking of trying to make and decorating pillows next.  So often I plan to teach my kids useful life skills like sewing but lack the determination to slow life down a little to work on the teaching part with them.  Seems foolish to complain about ‘stuck in doors’ kinda days knowing there are so many things like this I want to teach my kids.IMG_20150425_121548_1The boys had a grand old time in-doors too.  They broke out my eldest son’s science set that teaches them to make their own gummy candy (not the most practical life skill but fun).  The gummy bugs didn’t last long before the boys devoured their successful project but they indeed succeeded and that is what counts.

So much is said and written about the RUSH of modern life.  How do children learn valuable little life skills if we parent’s can’t slow down with them?  School is amazing but can’t possibly cover it all!  Whether one homeschools or has their kids in an education system there is still a need for enough time in the schedule to pass on life skills and lesson’s we as ‘all grown up humans’ take for granted.IMG_20150425_123506_1

Now this is a little of an unorthodox  example (by todays urbanized standards) and may be considered even ‘ewww’ but it got me thinking… I was visiting with my parents and we were discussing chickens as well as how much we can learn from previous generations.  We largely agreed that as our culture continues to speed up, in this ‘information age’ of ours, we actually learn less of day to day LIFE tricks of the trade and creative problem solving skills.  We discussed how chickens will attack one another if they develop health issues like sores.  My northern grand-folks told my mom and dad to be sure and put up a dead squirrel till you can get the chicken’s injuries healed up.  I had to admit I had never head this practical but indeed back woods kind of advice before and it impressed me just because it reminded me of how much I might have not gotten to learn from my grand-folks before they died.  I had an instant desire to get down in writing everything my own parents have learned… and this was followed with a thankfulness that I DO have time to teach my children IMG_20150425_124953_1more, if I make the time.

I read a lot and I also am actively searching and using the internet but it can’t replace one on one instruction and encouragement from those who have been there.  I worry we are really loosing SO very much in our culture as we prefer INDEPENDANT ways of learning.

For me, this all flows into why I no longer identify my beliefs as ‘living for Jesus’ but instead (more then that) I am living IN Jesus… I want to be a disciple, not JUST a believer, one who lives with and learns constantly from another as they grow to be more like their teacher.  I have chosen my teacher because he is my salvation but it doesn’t stop there, I am so very thankful that this savior of mine is joyfully willing to have a constant relationship with me… no matter how lacking I am he, JESUS, is there for me to instruct, motivate, encourage, empower, transform and ultimately love!

P.S. What is something your grand-folks have taught you that was seriously practical but largely a little known piece of wisdom!


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