Her… Thankful (number four)

(My eldest daughter and I singing a carol we learned together, our x-mas gift to my husbands extended family.)

9 years ago today she was her Daddy’s and my little miracle.
We owe the transition to parenthood to her entirely.

Happy birthday ‘Eldest Damsel’!

A strong personality from early one has insured this Mommy and Daddy had to really work at being good parents. This personality has proven to be a gem and year after year Dad and I see more of that gem of a woman growing up before our eyes.

I am absolutely thankful for my Eldest Damsel!

As we worked on our Christmas gift performance of the carol ‘Little Donkey’ I was moved by how much I cherish the relationship we are working on, her and I… we are working on it, both putting the required effort in and both reaping rewards in it as we continue. I thank Jesus for my relationship with my Eldest Damsel and with big hopes for the future I trust our relationship in the hands of my Saviour… as I have trusted this daughter of mine in his hands since she began to grow in my belly…


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