Arm Warmers…That Little Accessory

This has almost becoming a yearly tradition… (check out related link RIGHT HERE) Two years ago I put leggings top of my list of little accessory to hunt down… Got em… Last year I set my sights on the adorably old fashioned caplet… Up until about a week ago I had nada and had almost just shrugged it off. So much more exciting when the item falls in your lap… last minute yet (just before the year was up)… and because of someone else being thoughtful! My s.i.l. surprised me with a gift! A hand made white caplet!
As I wear it around the house and enjoy how quaint it is and unlike all the others I have looked at over the year I wonder about… well… arm warmers… yup! There is such a thing, and they are terribly cute!

Not all arm warmers are created equal! I like the ones with thumbs… knitted or crochet ones are always sweet but if they have buttons and lace I can’t help but be drawn in no matter the material… Hmmmm… arm warmers…TTFN

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