Lemon Juice?

Just thought I would add a little to my last post…

I have REAL lemon juice in my cleaning cupboard because it is a natural alternative to harsh bleach. It will get stains out of whites without the harshness or worry of bleach stains. Apply the juice to the stain and wash.

Vinegar cleans SO MUCH! I use it on most surfaces (floors, windows counters) and when put it down a drain with baking soda it will make the sink sparkle and unplug the drain!

As my friend mentioned in the last post, olive oil isn’t just for eating. It is a safe and natural way to treat your wood items around the house.

Anyone else have great tips to save on cleaning supplies and do it SO NATURAL? It is amazing how we are convinced we need so many types of cleaning chemicals when so much can be done with items we already have, that are safe enough for us to eat! Honestly I can’t remember the last time I payed for cleaning products. I don’t even go down that isle in my grocery store anymore.


2 Comments on "Lemon Juice?"

  1. Chera says:

    The only cleaning item I use now are Norwex clothes…I LOVE them. You pay a bit but it totally cuts out on the cost of cleaning supplies! I clean the bathroom with this cloth and hot water, shower tiles, the tub, toilet (mind you I still use toilet stuff for the inside). It’s great for washing the floors or dusting. I use them for everything!!

    Thanks for your tips though! Always good to know what gets out stains without using chemicals!

  2. e says:

    our house has been pretty much ‘au naturel’ for quite a few years. i’ve never turned back to the expensive toxic products. i use vinager for some things, but i’m not a fan of the smell. [even thought they say it’s an odor neutralizer…]

    my favorite products are from norwex–especially the toilet bowl cleaner. it smells so good and i like that it’s actually edible (just in case the kidlets get into it–NOT that i encourage them to!) nothing cleans like their microfiber cloths, and all you need is hot water.

    i have a microfiber dry and wet mop for the floors that also only requires water to do an amazing job.

    i love my laundry soap, too. it’s from dad’s but i can’t remember the name right now. it’s sort of got a lemony scent, and because it’s so concentrated, it actually works out to be cheaper per load than the liquid tide i used to buy from costco.

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