Baking Soda

For years I have had a real affection for baking soda. My cleaning supply closet has baking soda as a main item (along with lemon juice and vinegar). I have used it to put out small fires in my oven. It works wonders on the laundry as well. Just today I found a great link with all sorts of other things baking soda is good for.

Check it out!

DID YOU KNOW (I didn’t!)

Flowers will keep longer if you add a teaspoon to the water in the vase!

Doesn’t just take smell from the fridge! Try it on your shoes or suck it up your vacuum if it is getting smelly!

Apparently it can be a useful modeling clay when added water and cornstarch.

It repels rain so try it on your car windows!

It repels ants so put it where they are getting in!

Supposed to sweeten tomatoes if you put it on the soil around the tomato plants!


3 Comments on "Baking Soda"

  1. YEAH. Love it. Baking soda, vinegar, olive oil on wood… I’m going all natural over here and MAN it feels good!

  2. It feels good doesn’t it? Saves money too! Simply, savings and healthy! In the past my man has also bought orange oil to use on woods around the house but I agree that olive oil works just as great!

  3. e says:

    i’m a fan of baking soda, but i’ve never tried it on my tomatoes.

    we’ve made the baking soda clay before for making the kid’s hand-prints. it’s really cool cause it has a shimmery sheen after it’s dried. we’ve also used it in the sandbox to keep ants away.

    i’ll also have to test it out on the van windows next time i give it a wash.

    thanks for the tips. 😉

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